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I have the best job in the world. With every string I bring into tune, with every note brought into proper regulation, with every problem solved, and with every customer encounter, I thank God for what I get to do. My customers are awesome, and I get to be a part of their musical life. They depend on me to bring the best, and that is a trust I take very seriously.
In addition to tuning and repair, I am grateful for the rebuilding work I get to do. To take something so shopworn and dilapidated, and then transform it into an instrument even better than new is a gratifying experience. I take pride in the fact that even (especially) the invisible touches - things that customers will never be able to see, things that will make for superior performance and stability - are done with precision and thoroughness. These instruments sing and respond to even the slightest nuance of dynamic input from the musician. So cool. It is gratifying to watch as the customer gets to hear and feel the difference. If you would like to discover how I might enhance your musical experience, call or email me on the 'Contact' page.
                              John Koiter III 

John Koiter III

  • Tuning
  • Repairs
  • Regulation
  • Voicing
  • Rebuilding
  • Keytops
  • Humidity Control Systems ( Piano Life Saver systems)
  • Brokering sale of instruments
  • Sale of Accessories, e.g. Artist Benches, Piano Lamps, Piano Covers, Tools, & Parts
  • And much more! Call or email for details.
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  • Insurance:
We carry complete business insurance including Liability and full coverage for customer property while on KPS premises.
2019 Tuning Rates
Standard Maintenance Tuning:   $110.00 (see note below for your discount !)
  • We will take  $11.00 off   if you pay at the time of the service!  SO, your cost will only be $99.00YAY! (Everyone loves discounts! )
  • Billing terms for those who prefer to pay later are 10% 10, net 30.
  • If a piano hasn't been tuned recently, or it was tuned below standard pitch, or it has come from another climate, it may require more than one tuning to be stable at concert pitch.
  • Served apprenticeship with Chas D. Schmidt
  • 1971 - Established Koiter Piano Service in Fort Collins, CO
  • 1982 - Moved operation to Colorado Springs
  • 1991 - Opened retail location: Koiter Piano & Guitar Center
  • 1997 - Sold store to concentrate once again on service (first love)
  • 2008 - Set up shop in Old Colorado City (Westside)
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